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Luke Venus

I’ve been carp fishing for around 12 years now, ever since seeing my Grandad land an 8lb Common I’ve been hooked ! Seeing a fish of that size on the bank at the time really whet the appetite and I haven’t looked back since. Shortly after starting fishing I really got the buzz for photography. The sights we see on the bank are incredible, sights that the masses wouldn’t even dream of. I had to document that somehow and since picking up a compact camera, my love for photography and angling has grown stronger and stronger and helped get me into the position I am now.

A year ago landed my dream job working for CARPology as a Digital Content Creator which has really tested my skills and given me some experiences I will never forget. Being a part of Team Richworth is an honour and I can’t wait to start introducing the vast bait range into my new syndicate and seeing the results which it will no doubt give me.

I recently achieved the milestone of landing my first 40lb+ Common, which has only fuelled my passion further. Having confidence in a bait is of utmost importance and this season il be using the S Core 3 to help fulfill my ambitions.


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