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Kai McConkey

My interest in fishing began at a young age starting with a telescopic 5ft rod on holidays, progressing through rivers and lakes for a variety of species then onto the match scene for a few years in my late teens.

The moment I banked my first carp of around 5lb, I knew carp would be my main target.

Over the years ive targeted several syndicates, club waters and day tickets taking in Yateley, Surrey, Dorset, Bucks, Hampshire as well as lots of other locations. However now I have a busy life working shifts for the fire brigade in London, and have a young family who take up a lot of time so my fishing is mostly overnighters after work, or short days between shifts.

For this reason my fishing has to be very selective, and on limited time I have to be using a bait I have absolute faith in. I've banked more fish on Richworth baits than anything else, and know that it's a part of the jigsaw of carp angling that I am 100% confident with.


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