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Ian Fletcher

When I was 14 years old I had £15 left over from my birthday and decided to buy a small blue rod and reel set up from Argos.

After many weeks of birdnests/tangles I kept at it. As the months went on I started to get really into fishing a lot more, moving from a float to a 5 metre pole then my favourite method being the swing tip!

Years later I targeted those big carp that use swim past my float in the summer months. I bought a bag of richworth Esterberry boilies and one ready made hair rig and then I was hooked lol.

Being a full time dad and working overtime most weekends also running a small caravan business the fishing I do is mainly small quick overnight sessions. I’ll finish work at 10pm and get set up on the lake for around 11.30pm then be back into work the following day at 2pm.

So that’s my story so far and I’ve managed to catch a few decent fish along the way and now I’m very proud to be part of a pioneering bait company.


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