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Ian Dilley

I started fishing at around the age of 9 years old in the mid 70's going with my dad and brothers. Fishing the Grand union canal and different day ticket waters catching anything that took the bait. I think my first fish was a little roach, My first carp I had was from Woburn Abbey when you used to be able to fish some of the lakes on a day ticket. I remember my dad having a couple on corn and thought I want to catch one so took the float off, put a lead on and out went a hook baited with corn. After a short time the rod jumped off of its rest and I had a small common in the net within minutes. Up until the late 80's it was just fishing around with a float rod and one ledgering with bread, corn or luncheon meat catching catching anything with some carp up to 10lb.

At this time a friend from work said about fishing for catfish so throughout the closed season we bought as much tackle as needed. Al summer long we fished for catfish then pike in the winter. Only occasionally did we fish an odd session after carp. A few years later, around the mid 90's I thought it's time for a 20lb carp because I hadn't had one. I’d done well with both cats and pike but no 20 plus carp yet.. The plan was made to fish a local club reservoir that had carp to just over 30lbs. At first light on the first day of the season I had a take and landed the biggest fish in the lake at 30:04. Not long after I had what I went for, my first twenty at 23lbs. The thirty was just mind blowing.

From then on I've mainly fished for carp with my PB going just short of 40lbs I would love to catch bigger but being a limited time angler I just enjoy going when I'm able to. I am like most other anglers, if the big one comes my way it would make the day. I've been using Richworth baits for the last five years and am very happy to be a team member of Richworth. My favourite baits are the S-core and KG1. I wonder what the new MegaPlex will bring us all this year too?


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