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Shelf Life Boilies

Price: £8.99

The Type R range is available in 4 different flavours each unique in their own way, they have been specially formulated to help get you a instant bite, they are made with fresh eggs and the finest ingredients available and then boiled in pure water. An excellent boilie range without the price tag you may expect. Excellent for all carp fishing situations. Available in White Nectar, Amber Cream, Yellow Passion and Red Krill flavours.

White Nectar

White Nectar is a special a unique bait.  It’s firm in texture, with the distinct flecks of bird seed visible, combined with a very potent fruity smell – just like fruit salad with a coconut base flavour.  These bright fruity sweet boilies stand out brightly on any lake bed, attracting carp visually.  This sensational Milk Protein boilie has added Bird food to aid flavour leakage.  Richworth’s own combination of stimulants and enhancers make White Nectar a high attract bait with the added pulling power of a long term food source bait.

Amber Cream

Amber cream, beautifully deep orange in colour stands out amazingly against any lake bed and adds to the instant attraction of these fantastic baits. As the name suggests it has a beautiful creamy smell with hints of maple coming through combined with the natural attractors that can be found in the crushed particles that are included in the mix. The bait continues to leak off attraction enabling the carp to home in on it and making it hard for them to resist. A fantastic bait in the Type R range offering a unique colour combination along with a great blend of high quality ingredients and attractors makes this bait a must if you are fishing a venue that needs something a little different to bring you results. If in doubt get the amber cream out!

Yellow Passion

Yellow Passion has the highest amount of quality bird food out of the four flavours. A perfectly balanced milk protein base combined with its unique flavour combination and various liquid attractors gives a subtle smell that you can’t quite put your finger on but always leaves the carp going back for more. It has a beautiful citrus undertone that combined with a beautiful subtle yellow colour make this bait deadly on day ticket waters when you need something to give you that edge. With a high amount of particles included in the bird food mix not only is it highly digestible for the carp but it also gives the bait a great flecked appearance. Yellow Passion boilies will help you put more fish on the bank.

Red Krill

Red Krill instantly has the “wow factor”.  Upon opening a bag, the deep fishy, meaty smell hits you and with the deep red/brown colour, you know this is a sure-fire carp catcher. Pure Atlantic krill meal has been added to the base mix to give it the edge over products in the marketplace. Coupled with a great shellfish flavour this bait oozes flavour for long periods of time.  Red Krill is a lethal carp bait all year round.


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