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White Nectar

Type R White Nectar Boilies
20mm White Nectar Boilies
Type R White Nectar Pop Ups
Type R White Nectar Boilie Dip
Price: £ 6.50 - £ 7.99
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White Nectar is a special a unique bait.  It’s firm in texture, with the distinct flecks of bird seed visible, combined with a very potent fruity smell – just like fruit salad with a coconut base flavour.  These bright fruity sweet boilies stand out brightly on any lake bed, attracting carp visually.  This sensational Milk Protein boilie has added Bird food to aid flavour leakage.  Richworth’s own combination of stimulants and enhancers make White Nectar a high attract bait with the added pulling power of a long term food source bait.


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