S Core Original – a bait for all season packed with our unique amino acid blend (aminoplex stimulant) that attracts carp from afar. Please note that due to certain legal conditions we cannot use the word j****w on the bags nor in any text we write. Not sure what it is all about but we have no intention of making solicitors and barristers any richer.

This amino blend not only attracts carp to the swim it positively induces them to feed, searching out the last boilie in the swim. The base mix is our own tried and trusted birdfood mix that has been crushed down to release the oils from the seeds far quicker than they would normally. This is a double edged sword – a really well thought out bait that carp love.

These baits have been independently tested at Sparsholt College, along with others in the USA. Their tests and our extensive field testing results prove that S Core is in a league of its own – well that was until S Core 2 came along!!
Richworth were the first boilie company in the world, so with over 30 years of bait making experience, we know how to make a successful Shelf-Life bait.

Every boilie in the range is made with the highest quality ingredients and flavours available, so you can be confident these S-Core boilies will help you put more fish on the bank

15mm - 1kg
20mm - 1kg

Richworth’s Freezer baits are considered to be the best available to the specimen angler, with our unique recipes, ingredients and specially blended flavours. These are blast frozen to guarantee you the freshest boilie there is.

All of our baits air dry brilliantly and are the first choice of many of the countries most successful anglers, You can have 100% confidence in these S-Core boilies giving you more time to concentrate on your fishing.

Available in 1kg
in 18 and15mm

Made with our ultra buoyant pop-up mix, these baits are so buoyant that they will hold a Size 4 hook up for well in excess of 24 hours, and leak S-Core flavour for as long.

We've spent many months getting this product right (leaking off flavours at various depths) and are now confident that they are the best pop-ups on the market.

15mm in 80g tubs

In Original and “PINKS” Hi-Viz and Washed out 15mm baits in one tub

Boilie dips are a valuable weapon in the carp angler's armoury because they boost the attraction level of the S-Core hookbaits.

Impact Boilie Dips combine carp attracting oils with a range of flavours at the best possible ratio to attract carp without making the bait so strongly tainted that it discourages them. Available in a range of flavours to complement Richworth Readymade Boilies they are simple to use and very effective in all conditions.

130ml Screw Top Tubs

These pellets create the ideal partner to the S-Core boilies for an immediate response. A high leakage rate and a special combination of secret additives makes these pellets super attractive to carp.

S-core pellets are the perfect compliment to the awesome S-core boilie range, as the pellets break down our Aminoplex Bio-Stimulant is released in to the lakebed where it will work on holding fish in your swim.

8mm in 1kg bags

S-core Serum is a totally unique blend of Amino-Acids, this is our Aminoplex Bio-stimulant in a bottle.

With no smell or taste to humans, this is the aquatic world’s feeding trigger and one of the products that stands the S-core range above everything else on the market.

It will increase the effectiveness of Corn, Maggots, Pellets, Groundbaits and paste etc.

S-core serum in 250ml

A special blended hookbait soak that can be used with boilies, zigs and virtually any other hookbait.

Sweet-plex is a unique liquid enhancer with the added power of Amino-plex. Designed for all year round use on single hookbaits.

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