Pineapple Hawaiian – another long term favourite bait that again will catch throughout theyear probably due to the natural esters found in this flavour. Yellow in colour this base mix too has been improved recently to one that allows freer displacement of the flavours into
the water, increasing the instant attraction of this bait.

In winter try a single pop up that has been soaked in a booster dip for a few days.
Richworth were the first boilie company in the world, so with over 30 years of bait making experience, we know how to make a successful Shelf-Life bait.

Every boilie in the range is made with the highest quality ingredients and flavours available, so you can be confident these Pineapple Hawaiian boilies will help you put more fish on the bank.

15mm - 1kg

Our Hookable boilie pellets are designed to give you another presentation option, made to exactly the same recipe as our shelf life boilies.

These come in five awesome fish catching flavours and are perfect side hooked or fished on the hair. A big favorite with specimen and match anglers alike, one of the best hookbaits ever when used on the “Method”

6mm and 10mm

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