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Steve Lilly June 2015

The drive home from my trip was all about what I am going to do regarding the fish losses of my last couple of sessions. The lake was fishing well; even with it being busy most pegs were doing fish and a very good average size. The curve shank hooks which had performed so well for me over the last couple of years where falling out at various stages, the long shank had opened out ooohhh. The problems of carp fishing! Another trip to the local tackle shop and a look through every pattern of hook this was starting to do my head in and I felt I was just getting myself even more confused. I decided the best idea was to leave empty handed and have a look in my cupboard at home to see what I could find before the weekend. I had 3 days for the session arriving after work on the Saturday and fishing through till sometime on Tuesday.

Sorting myself out before the trip I had found some size 4 Drennan Conti`s in the cupboard hopefully these would be the one`s. Getting to the lake around 5pm and it was looking full what would you expect on a Saturday at the end of May? A chat to the two Rob`s and West 4 had been vacated a couple of hours earlier sorted. I was my usual prepared self I had no rigs tied as normal so that was going to be my first task. Not knowing what the guy previously had put out bait wise I thought I would start all 3 rods on single 20mm pop up`s and take it from there. I had 2 rods sorted and while tying up a rig for the 3rd rod I had a take. A nice scrap and a chunky 23lb kissed the spreader block. For the rest of the session I continued to drip feed the swim with the Red Krill in mixed sizes and I also crushed some up and added plenty of serum, which I used to block the spod and add even more attraction. I got though around a kilo and a half of bait. I finished the session with 3 bites and 3 landed fish which was a relief, the biggest being 38lb which like the others fell to the Pineapple.

My trip the following week was at the same time as the really bad storms we had in the 1st week of June. The entire West bank on the back of the wind was taken so I was going to have fish right in the mouth of the wind in Tracks. Walking the gear round was a mission, keeping the gear in one piece was going to be as well. I had myself nice and comfortable and a look on the phone said we were also going to have rain on and off for a couple of days. I really wanted to see the water with having 3 nights again I wanted to be able to move in the morning as the overnight guys left if I was not on fish. I repositioned my bivvy again so I could some of the lake this turned out not to be one of my better ideas as the wind moved slightly and I finished up having to put the front on and stick pegs where they shouldn’t be to keep in one piece.

First job in the morning was to get myself comfortable again and worry about fishing and not about keeping myself safe. A couple of regulars walked round in the morning and said all the fish were down the other end of the back of the wind, the area I could not see! Putting on a hat and gloves it was that cold I went and sat on the high bank so I could see the whole lake. After about an hour and no sightings anywhere on the lake I had a big drop back on my left hand rod. Playing the fish was a mission the wind must have been around 40-50mph blowing right in my face and weighing 9 stone I was struggling to stand up let alone do anything else. After what seemed like forever I managed to finally land it and a 33lb was soon being returned. This chap had taken a liking to a Red Krill pop up which I had drilled out and added some cork to make sure it stayed popped up.

My next session was on the Friday following face book it looked like they were getting ready to spawn and then Friday lunch time Mitch shut the lake. It has been shut 3 weeks. I have just been doing the odd day session since on a local club water with plenty of fish up to around 20lb. The Amber Cream has been my most successful bait. I like everyone else on the Rise is hoping the spawning has been a success and to be back soon.

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