At Richworth we pride ourselves on delivering quality products that don't just look good (to both you and the fish) but almost guarantee results.

You only need to take a look at the products listed below to see how we've got almost everything covered.

The best smelling Strawberry flavour ever! There are many baits out there that claim to smell like a certain fruit etc, so when you open a bag of Richworth Strawberry Jam you want to eat them, exactly the same reaction you get from the fish, perfection in a bag

Completely thaw out baits in their bag first the ice in the bag contains additives and nutrients that are re-absorbed during the thawing process.
Richworth were the first boilie company in the world, so with over 30 years of bait making experience, we know how to make a successful Shelf-Life bait.

Every boilie in the range is made with the highest quality ingredients and flavours available, so you can be confident these Strawberry Jam boilies will help you put more fish on the bank.

15mm - 1kg

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